Top 10 Spring Car Care Tips

The cold winter months are sure to have put a test on various components on your vehicle… if you haven’t had any issues this is a great time to ensure that it i properly maintained for the warmer months ahead.

Cold temperatures, road salt, and pot holes can take a toll on our vehicles engine components, exterior, and suspension. A weekend of wrenching paired with some high quality offerings from Europa Parts will help you keep your car on the road for the foreseeable future.

Best Practices for VW Audi Cylinder Head Rebuild

Lately, we’ve noticed a growing number of valve failures being reported for certain VW and Audi vehicles, in particular those with the 1.9L diesel TDI and 1.8T gasoline engines.

After reviewing many cases of these failures, it turned out that the problem was not with the valves themselves, but with the method of cylinder head overhaul. Most failures occurred shortly after a rebuild, and appeared to be mainly attributed to the poor adjustment of the hydraulic lifters.