Best Practices for VW Audi Cylinder Head Rebuild

Lately, we’ve noticed a growing number of valve failures being reported for certain VW and Audi vehicles, in particular those with the 1.9L diesel TDI and 1.8T gasoline engines.

After reviewing many cases of these failures, it turned out that the problem was not with the valves themselves, but with the method of cylinder head overhaul. Most failures occurred shortly after a rebuild, and appeared to be mainly attributed to the poor adjustment of the hydraulic lifters.

A Beginner’s Guide to Wheels

The wheel has been an engineering marvel since it was invented some 5,500 years ago. Without the wheel we would not be able to transport large amounts of goods or travel long distances. Although the wheel seems like primitive technology it was an ingenious design which shaped the evolution of man kind. We have all heard the saying “stop trying to reinvent the wheel” and it makes sense, however making the wheel stronger, lighter, and more visually appealing has been the focal point of aftermarket wheel companies for nearly 50 years.

Some of the most popular wheels today are made by companies that have nearly half a century of manufacturing under their belts. Companies such as BBS, Work Wheels, OZ Racing, and HRE all started manufacturing wheels in the 70’s. I have a certain nostalgia for thinking about the posters I used to hang on my wall as a child and seeing the same wheels on present day cars. With new designs being available on what seems to be a daily basis there is something special about seeing the originals where the inspiration came from.

Replacing Burned Out HID Bulbs

Xenon HID bulbs have become more and more popular with car manufacturers due to their increased visibility and aesthetic appeal. Rather than the boring yellow halogen look, a Xenon HID bulb will give off a pure crisp white light which mimics natural daylight at a 4,300°K temperature.

With time, a Xenon HID bulb goes through something called color shifting which causes the output to become more white and slightly higher on the kelvin scale by changing the complexity of the electrodes. If you have a bulb that that has gone out and you need to replace it we highly recommend changing in pairs so that the output it similar.

Audi VW 2.0T FSI Vacuum Pump Failure

While in Ocean City, Maryland for H2Oi I thought it would be a great idea to drive onto the beach behind where we were staying and take a few pictures of the car. Although the pictures came out great my car became stuck and needed the assistance of a bobcat to get it out. Once we got the car onto the pavement I realized that my belly pan was ripped off. I went to retrieve what was left of it and noticed that there was dried up oil all over, which caused a lot of dirt to get stuck to the pan. I realized I had an oil leak…

Front Brake Replacement

To bring you the latest write-up we answered the call of a damsel in distress. Yes, we just did the brakes on the allroad about a month ago and yes, we should have taken pics then, but we were too tired and had too much stuff going on at the time. So, when a female forum member put out an SOS about her A4’s brake wear indicator, we felt obligated to help her out and finally get this write-up done for you folks. The catch — I recently got my hand caught in an attic fan and have two broken, splinted and stitched fingers on my right (yes I’m a righty) hand. Hmmm, this should be interesting…