A Beginner’s Guide to Wheels

The wheel has been an engineering marvel since it was invented some 5,500 years ago. Without the wheel we would not be able to transport large amounts of goods or travel long distances. Although the wheel seems like primitive technology it was an ingenious design which shaped the evolution of man kind. We have all heard the saying “stop trying to reinvent the wheel” and it makes sense, however making the wheel stronger, lighter, and more visually appealing has been the focal point of aftermarket wheel companies for nearly 50 years.

Some of the most popular wheels today are made by companies that have nearly half a century of manufacturing under their belts. Companies such as BBS, Work Wheels, OZ Racing, and HRE all started manufacturing wheels in the 70’s. I have a certain nostalgia for thinking about the posters I used to hang on my wall as a child and seeing the same wheels on present day cars. With new designs being available on what seems to be a daily basis there is something special about seeing the originals where the inspiration came from.