Audi & VW Parts Aftermarket Explained

Whether it’s for your brand new dream car or trustworthy daily commuter, finding the right Audi parts can be a hassle, raising many questions in your mind. Should you go directly to the dealer or order parts online? What is the difference between Genuine OEM, Generic OEM, and Aftermarket? Why are some parts so much more expensive than others and some parts so much cheaper?

Read on to find out the difference between Genuine OEM, Generic OEM, and Aftermarket parts. We will also explore different options in terms of place of purchase.

Front Brake Replacement

To bring you the latest write-up we answered the call of a damsel in distress. Yes, we just did the brakes on the allroad about a month ago and yes, we should have taken pics then, but we were too tired and had too much stuff going on at the time. So, when a female forum member put out an SOS about her A4’s brake wear indicator, we felt obligated to help her out and finally get this write-up done for you folks. The catch — I recently got my hand caught in an attic fan and have two broken, splinted and stitched fingers on my right (yes I’m a righty) hand. Hmmm, this should be interesting…